Patient speaking with professional
Patient speaking with professional

Getting started with Audibel

Welcome to the Audibel team! We've been partnering with hearing care professionals since 2000, with one goal: to serve our customers better than anyone else. Let us help you get started.

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Why Audibel
See why professionals choose Audibel.

About Audibel

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Why Audibel

Together, we create the perfect partnership by blending the expertise of the independent hearing care professional with the resources of a global hearing technology company. Put simply, we are better together. Because together, we can shape our future in the hearing care industry.
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History of Audibel

Built on the same ideals that make families strong - honesty, compassion, and an innate resolve to answer any call for help.

The Audibel advantage

Exclusive territory

Our nationwide network is something Audibel takes pride in, and as the network continues to grow and strengthen, every individual will see a commitment to premium service and care. It’s not just Audibel; it’s a way of life.

Results-focused marketing

We pride ourselves on delivering the best marketing support in the industry. In short, when you partner with Audibel you have a full-service marketing agency at your fingertips.


Our sales representatives are your personal account experts, dedicated to help with your sales needs and for in-depth discussions about your business.

Philanthropy-driven organization

Audibel is proud to support Starkey Cares, whose mission is to give the gift of hearing to people in need throughout the world.

Support your patients

Make the best possible hearing even more possible for patients with Audibel.

Membership perks

Audibel Network members benefit from negotiated network pricing with our partners on certain products and services.

Continuing education

Take advantage of our in-person and online training to create a better experience for you and your patients.


All our data at the tip of your fingers. Catch up on industry studies from our expert research team.

Industry-leading technology

Audibel uses industry-forward technology to design hearing aids that connect people with people.

Better together

Audibel has specialized groups that offer audiology, customer service, and technical support. Call (800) 769-2590 and our representative will get you to the help you need.

Need help getting started? Talk to a person, not a prompt.

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