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Let Audibel support your marketing efforts with a variety of easy-to-implement programs that are targeted to specific audiences and designed to generate results. 

Audibel Network member advantage

As an Audibel Network member, you have an expert team of marketers which include strategic planners, graphic designers, event and digital specialists who are all highly experienced in supporting the independent hearing professional. No one is more dedicated to helping the independent hearing professional thrive and grow.

Every Audibel partner has a dedicated marketing account manager to provide ongoing marketing and design support. This ensures you have a go-to marketing expert that will deliver high quality, professional marketing support to your business.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best marketing support in the industry. In short, when you partner with Audibel you have a full-service marketing agency at your fingertips.

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Marketing events

In-person events — whether on premise or out in the community — are proven to generate excitement in addition to new sales and leads. Audibel can help you plan and implement a whole host of events guaranteed to bring you face to face with future patients. 

Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learns are one of the most tried and true events in your toolkit. In-person and invite-only, they’re a great way to educate prospects on the importance of hearing loss treatment while demonstrating both your expertise and today’s latest hearing technology.

Focus Group

A proven way to reach current customers, Focus Groups are inexpensive, easy-to-implement and make existing patients feel listened to, special and valued.

Demo Days

The easiest way to convince a prospect that a hearing aid can change their life is to let them experience it for themselves. Demo Days events let them do just that by providing an opportunity to test drive new technology and hear the difference it can make.

Community Events

Community events are a great way to raise your profile with current and potential customers. Even with today's socially-networked, online world, there is no substitute for face-to-face marketing in your local community and neighborhoods. From a basic display, to creating portable sound booths and on-site testing, connecting with people one-on-one is a great way to start a long-term patient relationship.

Patient Referral Program

One of your best sources of new patients is referrals and good word-of-mouth from existing, satisfied patients. This program shows you how to reach out to satisfied patients and encourage them to spread the word about your practice.

Physician Referral Program

Physicians are typically the first professional that people confide healthcare issues to, and patients are more likely to trust and follow a doctor’s referral and advice. That’s why this program, which helps you build strong relationships with physicians, should be a key part of your new-business efforts.


Our flagship Workshop Consultation Program offers several exciting comprehensive and effective practice growth strategies for increasing your revenue and new patient files.

Learn more about workshops. Contact Workshops via email at or at 800-328-8602 ext. 2353. You can also contact your sales or marketing representative.

Marketing programs

More than ever, reaching people where they are requires you to market online, on social platforms and over email. We’ll help you navigate the ever-changing digital landscape with programs and expertise that ensure you show up where and when prospects are thinking about better hearing.

Website Program

A website is a foundational element for every business in today’s world. Our website program will help you own your local search results, allow you to make unlimited edits and empower you to make data-driven decisions. With our website program, you can also take advantage of our unique hearing and tinnitus tests along with many other features.

Paid Search Program

Paid search helps capture customers who are searching online to find information about hearing aids and hearing loss. Our best-in-class paid search program uses advanced tracking and industry-specific techniques to get qualified consumer into your customers’ offices.

Paid Social Program

With over 2 billion users — 77% of them adults! — Facebook should undoubtedly be part of your digital marketing plans. Our program offers industry-leading tactics, advanced targeting and measurement strategies aligned with your business objectives.

Online Scheduling

Today, 42% of patients prefer self-scheduling options and 70% of healthcare providers will have this capability available. Join the evolving majority when you take advantage of our program, offering patients the convenience of scheduling their appointments around the clock.

Patient Interaction Platform

Texting is one of the best ways to engage with patients simply because it works. Open and response rates for text messages are nearly 100%. Whether it’s to confirm an appointment, ask for feedback, or keep patients in the loop in real time, texting is the way to go. With such high success rates for texting, consider providing the option to manage appointments via text. You can stay in touch with your patients on a platform they prefer and send timely messages with appointment reminders and expectations.

Patient Outreach Program

Focusing on your current patients is a necessary component to a strong marketing strategy. It is 10x more expensive to acquire a new patient compared to retaining an existing one. Current patients also spend 67% more on average than a new patient. Understanding the value current patients bring to the health of your business, Audibel has designed a proven patient outreach program to support you and your practice.

Automations Program

Get the most out of your database with our Marketing Automations Program!

Exclusive marketing plans and strategies

Marketing is much more than just compelling messaging. It also requires front-end planning, detailed coordination, ongoing analysis and more. Our experts take care of all that for you — so you can spend less time worrying about getting patients to your practice and more time caring for the ones inside. Our marketing services include:

Marketing Calendars

What gets planned gets done! Having a personalized Marketing Plan created for your practice will help:

  • Keep your name top of mind in your marketplace — consistency is key!
  • Build an agile, strategic approach to converting the digital patient.
  • Get the phone to ring more often, giving you more opportunities to sell
  • Limit overspending by staying on track (last minute decisions can be costly)
  • Uncover your true ROI of each marketing tactic, which will increase cash flow and More!

Contact Audibel Marketing for more information.

Budgeting Tools
  • We offer a marketing budget template that outlines marketing spend and projected returns to benefit your business.
  • It helps you audit your marketing plan. Make sure you are staying on track with your marketing plan.
  • It helps you reflect and improve. When you closely track your marketing costs and compare to your performance, you can see trends of what is working and what is not. These insights can help you improve your marketing and create better results.
  • It helps you stay on track with your budget and objectives. A defined budget helps you avoid overspending. Effectively control your spending and create accurate projections for the future, with our budgeting tools.

Contact Audibel Marketing for more information.

Call Tracking
  • There are many ways to spend your marketing dollars. Make sure your resources are allocated in powerful ways for maximum return with Call Tracking and the Marketing KPI Results Calculator.

Contact Audibel Marketing for more information.

Reporting and Analysis

Without a unified view of marketing budgets and plans, you’re constantly making decisions with only part of the picture. Marketing performance dashboards provide insights you can use to improve your plans, budgets, and marketing in the future.

Contact Audibel Marketing for more information.