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Audibel history

In the beginning...

Over twenty years ago in October 2000, a small group of hearing professionals — and one hearing technology pioneer — gathered in the still of the night to discuss forming a network unlike any other. Later known as "The Atlanta Club," these nearly three dozen hearing healthcare experts wanted to create an exclusive network dedicated to delivering better hearing to every person who walked through their doors.

"The Atlanta Club" helped form that exclusive network and named it Audibel. Built on the same ideals that make families strong — honesty, compassion and an innate resolve to answer any call for help — it didn't take long for the initial 32 to become 75, then 250, then 1,000 practices strong. We celebrate their years of commitment, generosity, dedication and family that continues on throughout the Audibel Network.

Atlanta Club Members

Atlanta Club Members

Kent and Cheryl Broy
Bill Cranmore
Sherry Duperier
Dick Durbin
Lane and Phyllis Hait
Larry and Connie Hixson
H.D. and Glenda Hood
Greg Hood
Murray Kurtzberg
Greg and Christi Kuykendall
Todd and Sarah Kuykendall
Stan and Marjorie McDaniel
Eules and Bobbie Morgan
Wayne and Shelia Murphy
Fraser Pattillo II
Trey Pattillo III
Ed and Mary Alva Payne
Ray Rice
Charles and Sharon Scoggins
Dennis Simmons
Wolodymyr R. Stasiuk
John and Mary Ann Staten
Russ Taylor
Doug and Vickie Wagner

Audibel Milestones

1971 – Bill Austin forms Starkey Laboratories, which will eventually go on to become Starkey.

1978 – Bill Austin starts the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which, by 2011 has given over one million people in need the gift of hearing.

2000 – The Atlanta Club and Bill Austin join forces to create the Audibel Network.

2005 – Audibel opens its 1,000th office.

2006 – Audibel releases the first digital hearing aid to virtually eliminate feedback.

2008 – The LX, Audibel's completely redesigned hearing aid, wins more than a dozen design and consumer electronics awards.

2010 – Audibel introduces Invisibel, the industry's first custom invisible hearing aids.

2011 – Range, Audibel's first wireless product line, allowed users to wirelessly stream sound with no body worn relay device.

2012 – Starkey created their own Hearing Innovation Expo for scientists, visionaries, and hearing professionals. Hosted every two years, this event continues to feature trailblazing keynote speakers.

2014 – Audibel's first Made for iPhone technology creates seamless streaming with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Apple Watch.

2016 – A4i is released and provided the latest wireless hearing solution with 900 MHz technology — powered by Audibel's all new Synergy platform.

2018 – Via AI is the first ever hearing aid to include embedded sensors and artificial intelligence. These technologies enable health tracking and other features that optimize the listening experience and improve peoples' lives.

2019 – Via AI is named to the TIME's List of the 100 Best Inventions of 2019.

2020 – Re-imagining a better hearing experience, we launch Via Edge AI, delivering the most advanced AI engine possible in modern hearing aids with the world’s first 2.4 GHz custom rechargeable hearing aids. The breakthrough of the Edge Mode feature provides instant adjustments for challenging listening situations with just a double tap. We also introduced Thrive Care (rebranded to Hear Share in 2023), the world’s first app that lets caregivers see health information shared by Via Edge AI hearing aid wearers.

2021 – Effortless hearing, selection and connection is no longer a hope. Introducing Arc AI — a complete style portfolio with the world’s most innovative hearing aids including our most advanced Audibel Sound™, integrated sensors that seamlessly connect, adapt with your patients’ lives, and provide fall detection at all tiers along with many other ease-of-use features. When it comes to better hearing innovation, expect effortless.

2022 – Audibel continues to refine our Arc AI hearing aids making them more comfortable, more wearable, and more effortless. We improved connection with more Android connectivity than ever before, and our best Audibel Sound™ quality allows patients to seamlessly experience and enjoy their favorite TV shows, music, and conversations.

2023 – The launch of Intrigue AI marks a new beginning for the hearing industry. Reimagined from the inside out, it’s the only hearing technology system to feature an all-new processor, all-new sound, all-new design, all-new fitting software, and an all-new patient experience. It’s the biggest leap forward ever in hearing technology — delivering unprecedented sound clarity, performance features and personal health monitoring capabilities.