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We believe in better

Believing we can make a difference in the lives of others powers us forward every day — and has made Audibel the leader in better hearing.

The best partner for your practice

When you partner with Audibel, you get the might of the leader in hearing healthcare in your corner — and the products, people and passion needed to provide the best hearing care possible.
  • The features, fit and dependability of our hearing aids are only surpassed by their exceptional Audibel Sound™.
  • Audibel’s industry-best customer service is the result of our mission to serve our customers better than anyone else.
  • Our passion for connecting people to people inspires the technologies we build, how deeply we care, and the lengths we go to support our partners in purpose.
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About Audibel

It started with one man. A man on a mission to help as many people hear as possible. In 1961, founder William F. Austin (WFA) found his niche skillfully crafting hearing aids. Bill particularly sought to help those with challenging cases that other professionals gave up on. Through word of mouth, people traveled for miles to seek personalized hearing care from Bill. Bill spent countless hours artfully perfecting customized hearing molds for each patient and revolutionizing hearing technology along the way. He believes that hearing should be comfortable and available to everyone.

Over the next 60 years, his company would become the largest American hearing aid manufacturer. The ability to see patients and develop technology allows for meaningful products with impactful benefits. Like-minded hearing professionals loved the products and resonated with Bill's compassionate approach. This network of professionals became known as Audibel. Over time, the Audibel Network has grown to be nationwide, providing unsurpassed hearing care from coast to coast.

Today, Audibel upholds that vision through compassion and a commitment to exceptional hearing care while providing high-quality business opportunities for independent hearing professionals. Audibel is an experienced and successful national hearing care network that believes in creating a better tomorrow through hearing today. Our mission is to help our independent hearing aid specialists succeed in every way possible. A customized approach to business and marketing is our specialty. Our community forums, professional audiologist trainings, educational resources, exclusive territories, and marketing support are thoughtfully designed for success. We are committed to excellence in the hearing healthcare industry.

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Exclusive Audibel territory

Audibel operates on a territory, label, and software exclusive basis. It's our way of delivering peace of mind, allowing you to provide the best service to every person who seeks hearing help. This allows you to share best practices with other providers and help retain patients.

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What your peers say about Audibel

Tom G.

“With Audibel, it’s not just about the bottom line. It’s truly about the patient experience.”
- Gainesville, FL

Mark M.

“You never feel like a customer – you feel like a family member. They go out of their way to help you.”
- Bloomington, IL

Stephanie C.

“I'm so grateful that with Audibel I have my rep that I can call 24/7. I'm so grateful that they have a one stop shop with Audibel. I have a great rep, a great customer service and a full marketing team to allow me to concentrate on the things that i need to do best, which is just working with my patients.”
- Honolulu, HI

Heather C.

“Audibel helps me in my practice every day from marketing support to our managerial support, helping us ensure smooth day to day business transactions. They have helped us with financial planning, strategic business planning, all of the things that are critical in business consideration for us.”
- Henderson, NV

Whitney S.

“I really owe a lot of my career to Audibel in the direction that it has taken. I never saw myself as an owner, let alone an owner of seven locations. Audibel has been the one who's been kind of the cheerleader in the corner, helping provide opportunities and then supporting me in those opportunities. I really owe a lot to Audibel they've done a lot for me and I'm really, really grateful.
- Longmont, CO

Jason M.

“Audibel gave me the opportunity to grow. They've gave me the opportunity to feed off other network members and become better at running a business. And also allowing me to see a bigger picture than what's just right in front of me. My favorite saying is don't lose sight of the forest because of the trees in front of you. And Audibel's allowed me to see the forest behind the trees.
- Thomasville, GA

We push your practice further

The success of your patients and practice drives everything we do and every person who does it.

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Respected leadership

Audibel's executive team is comprised of innovative outsiders and industry experts with over 250+ years of combined leadership experience.
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Methodical research

By applying modern insights in hearing science and signal processing, our diverse research team paves the way for Audibel’s endless stream of better hearing breakthroughs.
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Renowned innovation

From features and functionality to hardware and apps, our steady drumbeat of industry firsts continually raises the bar on ways to help people hear and live better.
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Continuous learning

We offer a variety of training options — in-person and online — and growing library of QuickTips, designed to keep you at the top of your game.

Grow your business

Benefit from proven programs and dedicated experts ready to ensure your business thrives today and tomorrow.

Support your patients

From financing options and warranty programs to videos, sales tools and more, leverage resources designed to send patients home happy.