StarLink Accessories
StarLink Accessories

StarLink wireless accessories

Discover our versatile line of 2.4 GHz accessories paired with our wireless Intrigue AI or Arc AI hearing aids.

Accessories FAQs

A patient’s Via hearing aids are not pairing to the Mini Remote Microphone – why?

If a Via hearing aid was purchased between August 2018 through February 2019, hearing aids will need a firmware update to be compatible with the Mini Remote Microphone.

What is the on-board noise management on the Mini Remote Microphone?

We've integrated our proprietary noise management into this device.

Does the Mini Remote Microphone have in-line capabilities?

No. For in-line capabilities, choose our Remote Microphone + accessory.

Can you start and stop TV streaming without the My Audibel or Thrive Hearing Control app?

Yes, you can stop and start the streaming of the TV streamer using the 2.4 GHz Remote Control.